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The Alternative to Traditional Divorce

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Deciding to get divorced is never easy. But it doesn’t need to be heart-breaking, exhausting or crushingly expensive either. At Lynch & Owens, we help you resolve the issues that a judge would decide, including custody, parenting time, support, and the division of assets.

Our confidential process for divorce mediation in accordance with Massachusetts laws avoids court evaluations, confrontational attorneys and scrutiny of your family and resources through a private, cost-effective process that emphasizes cooperation during a difficult time.

Take Control of Your Family’s Future

We help couples and spouses take control of their separation. Unlike litigation, which places your family’s fortunes in the hands of attorneys and judges, mediation lets you resolve your divorce based on your family’s specific needs.

Divorce mediation helps to preserve respect and good will towards your spouse and the emotional needs of your children with the assistance of a professional who is trained to achieve results, even for couples who believe they can’t get along.

Divorce doesn’t need to be war. Take a different approach by speaking with a caring professional today. Call Lynch & Owens at (781) 253-2049.

Learn More about Our Mediators

Our dedicated team of Massachusetts mediators helps protect your family's happiness and financial future. Learn more about our mediators by following the links to read their professional profiles:

Take the Wheel. Don’t Hand Your Life Over to Courts and Lawyers.

Spouses don’t need to like each other to mediate their divorce. They only need to share an intention to avoid court. Mediation maximizes control over the divorce process for spouses who share this goal.

Learn more about the benefits of divorce mediation when you call Lynch & Owens at (781) 253-2049 or by visiting our dedicated Divorce Mediation Website. Discuss your case and learn how we can help you.

What Clients Have to Say

Our solid reputation for legal excellence in the northern Plymouth County area runs more than 20 years deep. Our testimonials from past clients alone prove that our firm is a force to be reckoned with both inside and outside of the courtroom. Read their reviews to see for yourself.
  • “Everyone I dealt with from their administrative staff to their newly hired attorneys were professional, patient and kind.”


  • “Attorney Owens represented me in a modification of my divorce agreement. I was very happy with his work.”

    Former Client

  • “James has proven himself to be both knowledgeable and diligent. I would recommend Jim and his Law Firm to anyone”

    Former Client

  • “His knowledge and understanding of the law and his clarity of thought were a supreme comfort to me”


  • “If I sound like a fan, it is because I am. "Integrity" is the word that always comes to mind when I think of dealing with him.”


  • “Amazing professional and to the point. She's also a wonderful person and easy to talk to”


  • “Jason is on top of his work immediately when it has to be done. He is a great person and is very trustworthy.”

    Former Client

  • “Nicole Levy is an exceptional attorney. She is highly ethical, effective, and level-headed.”

    Former Client

  • “Jim and his staff treated me wonderfully; they were patient and supportive during a very difficult time in my life.”

    Former Client

  • “Attorney Levy made my divorce as painless as possible. She's fantastic.”

    Former Client

  • “Kim was exceptional to work with and I've referred anyone else from my area to her as well”


  • “I have found Attorney Owens to be open, receptive, communicative, respectful and willing to partner in a team effort to achieve what is fair and deserved”