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Lynch & Owens is composed of the South Shore’s premier family law lawyers dedicated to providing Massachusetts residents with the best representation in divorce, paternity, child custody, child support, alimony, property division, and other family law matters. If you need assistance with starting the divorce process, from determining the grounds for divorce in Massachusetts and the divorce filing petition, call us!

Our Massachusetts family lawyers concentrate on the following divorce and family law services:

Financial Issues: Divorce

Massachusetts Divorce and Family Law Attorneys
  • Familiarity and experience in high net worth divorce cases.
  • Complex and high-value asset valuation and division, including private equity holdings, closely-held businesses, real estate, and compensation assets.
  • Working with expert witnesses to discover hidden assets and value financial holdings for litigation and to conceptualize divorce and separation agreements.
  • Calculating alimony and child support for high-income earners including business owners, real estate developers and corporate executives.
  • Identifying and tracing hidden assets and income through a forensic approach.
  • Conceptualizing divorce agreements to maximize after-tax cash flow and cooperative asset division.
  • Negotiating and settling complex divorce cases in a cost-effective matter.

Financial Issues: Post-Divorce & Unmarried Parents

  • Establishing child support in cases involving unmarried parents.
  • Contempt representation in actions to enforce existing orders and judgments.
  • Modification pursuing or defending against modification of support.

Child Custody & Parenting Time

  • Developing and conceptualizing comprehensive Parenting Plans.
  • Litigation of child custody matters including legal and physical custody, primary custody versus shared physical custody, abuse and neglect, parental alienation, parental fitness and substance abuse, and removal cases.
  • Modification of existing custody orders, judgments and Parenting Plans.
  • Contempt representation in actions to enforce custody orders and judgments.

Prenuptial & Separation Agreements

  • Drafting and conceptualizing Prenuptial Agreements.
  • Litigating prenuptial agreements to determine enforce-ability and terms.
  • Drafting and conceptualizing comprehensive Separation Agreements.

How Long Do I Need to Reside in Massachusetts to File for Divorce?

The short and straight-forward answer is that you must reside in Massachusetts for one year, and your child must reside in-state for at least six months, before you can file for divorce in Massachusetts. While there are exceptions to these rules, these exceptions often include complex legal concepts that lay persons generally struggle to understand and follow — and any drafting or procedural mistake you make (based on advice you received over the internet) can have a incurable negative impact on your case moving forward. You need to sit down with an experienced family law attorney if you would like to file for divorce less than one year after moving to Massachusetts.

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