Family Law Resources

Family Law Resources

Divorce Is All About Information & Preparation

By educating yourself about divorce and family law in Massachusetts, you will be better able to make informed decisions about your case, leading to better outcomes in the courtroom and at the negotiating table.

L&O Resources: Massachusetts Divorce & Family Law

Questions about divorce and family law? Visit our resource pages today!

  • Lynch & Owens Blog
    Our Massachusetts attorneys blog on issues relating to Massachusetts divorce and family law cases, ranging from child custody to complex financial issues. We review major court decisions, discuss common (and uncommon) family law cases, and offer insights into the Massachusetts divorce and family law process.
  • The Lynch & Owens Divorce Series
    An attorney provides a start-to-finish primer on divorce in Massachusetts. The L&O Massachusetts Divorce Series starts with a one-hour consultation with a lawyer and progresses through the divorce litigation process, finishing with detailed reviews of settlement negotiations, separation agreements and trial.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: Divorce in Massachusetts
    Our attorneys offer quick answers to frequently asked questions about Massachusetts divorce. Have a question about Massachusetts divorce? See if we have answered in the Massachusetts Divorce FAQ.
  • Official Forms: Massachusetts Divorce & Family Law
    Want to see a blank Complaint for Divorce. Need to print out a Massachusetts Financial Statement for your divorce or family law case? We link directly to the state forms database to provider visitors with the most up-to-date official forms for Massachusetts divorce and family law cases.

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Other Useful Links

In addition to our in-house resources, we encourage visitors to check out these other useful links:

Try the Lynch & Owens Massachusetts Alimony Calculator

Estimate the amount and duration of alimony in your case with our Massachusetts Alimony Calculator:

Massachusetts Alimony Calculator

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  • When Divorce Mediation Breaks Down

    What happens if we cannot reach an agreement ...

  • About Lynch & Owens
  • Division of Assets in Massachusetts

    Can I keep the marital home in my divorce?

  • Length of Divorce Process in Massachusetts

    How long does a typical divorce take in Massachuse ...

  • Approaching Your Estate Plan in MA

    What do you need in your estate plan?

  • Prenuptial Agreements in Massachusetts

    Why sign a prenuptial agreement in Massachusetts?

  • DCF Services for Massachusetts Parents
  • Restraining Orders in Massachusetts
  • Contempt & Divorce in Massachusetts
  • Hardship Licenses in MA OUI Cases
  • Relocation/Removal & Child Custody in MA
  • Shared Physical Custody in MA

    When do Massachusetts courts order shared physical ...

  • Protecting an Inheritance from Divorce in MA

    How can I protect an inheritance from a divorcing ...

  • High Net Worth Divorce

    What are the challenges of High Net Worth Divorce?

  • Modification of Child Support/Alimony in MA

    How are child support and alimony modified in Mass ...

  • Division of Complex Assets

    How do courts value and divide complex assets?

  • Mediating High Conflict Divorce

    Why is divorce mediation better than litigation?

  • Financial Experts in Divorce Mediation

    How do financial experts assist in divorce mediati ...

  • Alimony & Divorce in Massachusetts

    When do you see alimony awarded in Massachusetts d ...

  • Forensic Accounting & Divorce

    How is forensic accounting used to calculate ...

  • Child Support vs. Alimony in MA

    What are the differences between child support and ...

  • Flat Fee Estate Planning in Massachusetts

    How does Flat Fee Estate Planning for individuals ...

  • Child Custody & Support in MA

    How does child custody affect child support?

  • Guardian ad Litems (GAL) & Child Custody

    How do Guardian ad Litems (GAL) impact child ...

  • Advice to Divorce Clients

    What one piece of advice do you repeatedly give ...

  • Child Support & Alimony in Massachusetts

    When do courts order alimony and child support in ...

  • Litigation vs. Divorce Mediation Kimberley Keyes

    What are the differences between mediation and lit ...

  • Why Mediation is Better than Litigation?

    Why Mediation is Better than Litigation?

  • College & Child Support in Massachusetts

    How do college costs affect child support and ...

  • Best Interest of Child and in MA

    How do courts determine the best interests of the ...

  • Legal Custody in MA Child Custody Cases

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