Division of Assets

Massachusetts Asset Division Lawyers

Protecting Your Rights During the Division of Your Assets & Property

Lynch & Owens is composed of South Shore’s premier divorce attorneys dedicated to providing Massachusetts residents with the best representation in divorce cases involving asset division.

Our asset division lawyers concentrate on the following services:

  • Familiarity and experience in high net worth divorcecases.
  • Complex and high-value asset valuation and division, including:
    • Private equity holdings
    • Closely-held businesses
    • Real estate
    • Compensation assets
  • Working with expert witnesses to discover hidden assets and value financial holdings for litigation and to conceptualize divorce and separation agreements.
  • Identifying and tracing hidden assets through a forensic approach.
  • Conceptualizing divorce agreements to maximize cooperative asset division.
  • Negotiating and settling complex divorce cases in a cost-effective matter.

Is a Personal Injury Settlement Considered Marital Property?

Other states, like New York, have different views on whether personal injury settlements are divisible property in a divorce. In Massachusetts, however, the law could not be clearer: a personal injury settlement can and will be divided as a marital asset in a divorce.

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