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Few societal problems are as complex as domestic violence. Physical and emotional abuse that occurs behind closed doors between spouses and partners poses special problems for police and courts, who must grapple with issues such as battered woman’s syndrome and the potential for false allegations that cut both in a typical restraining order case. Studies show domestic abuse is a chronic problem that affects spouses and partners across socioeconomic lines.

For an abused person, often the only escape is to pursue a restraining order that limits contact. At the same time, every year, thousands of people are falsely accused of abuse, resulting in the filing of a 209A restraining order (also known as an abuse prevention order). These orders can be obtained under false pretenses for the purposes of gaining leverage in a divorce, custody, or alimony dispute.

Litigating Restraining Orders for More Than 20 Years

For over 20 years, the Massachusetts lawyers of Lynch & Owens have represented hundreds of clients defending and obtaining 209A restraining orders across Massachusetts.

Our lawyers are experienced in:

  • Restraining order practice in District and Probate and Family Courts
  • Defending and obtaining 209a Restraining Orders
  • Domestic violence-affected divorce and custody cases
  • Fighting for parents and their children

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