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Child support was designed to ensure that a child will always be taken care of, with enough financial resources, despite what his or her parent's relationship is. Although the intention of these MA support laws is good, many factors can become contentious and complex. Lynch & Owens is dedicated to providing Massachusetts residents with the best representation in child support cases.

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Our child support lawyers in Massachusetts can help regarding a wide variety of child support-related legal issues, such as:
  • Calculating child support for high-income earners including business owners and corporate executives.
  • Identifying and tracing hidden income through a forensic approach.
  • Working with expert witnesses to determine and present income for child support purposes.
  • Contempt and modification actions affecting the enforcement or modification of child support orders.
  • Negotiating with and seeking child support services through the Department of Revenue.
  • Conceptualizing child support agreements to maximize after-tax cash flow

If you have questions about child support modifications, enforcement, or any other type of legal issue, please contact the Massachusetts child support attorneys at Lynch & Owens, P.C. today for high-quality and experienced representation today.

How is Child Support Calculated in MA?

When determining how much child support will be awarded, a Massachusetts judge will use specific guidelines to complete the order:

  1. Children: How many are there and what are their ages?
  2. Income: What is the total income and gross weekly income for each parent?
  3. Expenses: How much money goes towards payments for health insurance, food, and other essentials for the children?

What if I Need to Change My Child Support Order?

Child support orders can't be modified on the spot or when the judge feels "it is convenient." It must be supported by any evidence demonstrating that the move is warranted. In Massachusetts, for example, where one parent's revenue has increased by at least 25%, this is deemed a sufficient change to justify a modification in the support order.

What Circumstances Might Require a Change in Support?

Various situations can result in altered conditions. For example, if the contributing parent's income has increased substantially, the court may order an increase in child support. The sum of support will also be required to be increased if the child's needs change, such as if the child becomes sick or injured. The passing of time will often result in changed situations. Clothing, and other needs, for example, get more expensive as a child grows older. These rising costs could be sufficient to warrant a rise in the support order.

If you can prove that this will be fair, you will be able to get your payments. If the custodial parent inherits income, earns a major salary, or otherwise has improved capacity to support the children, support payments can be diminished. Alternatively, if the contributing parent leaves his or her employment, the judge might be asked to limit payments at this period.

When Does Child Support End?

Child support is typically received until the child turns 18 years old. If a child lives with a parent and is entirely dependent on them, the court may request that expenses be made before the child reaches 21. The court has jurisdiction to expand the child support obligation until the child hits the age of 23 whether the child is enrolled full-time in a college, university, or post-secondary education program.

Furthermore, whether a child under the age of 23 has a mental or physical condition that leaves them dependent on their parents, the non-custodial parent may be expected to provide child support indefinitely.

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